Types of Haircuts for Women

September 9, 2018




It is common to us women change our style, usually always start with the hair bringing the options in chemical and cut that is also a great alternative to change the look without damaging the wires in the middle of 2012 it is possible to stay on top of new haircuts tend to be in 2013.

Always ask your hairdresser if the hairstyle you choose will suit your face type and also the appearance of your hair will look good with the lifestyle, colors and treatments can help restore life to the hair Intended mainly for those who have a round face, this is one of the best cuts to make their appearance as thin and delicate. The cut is straight with bangs fall on the diagonal, which will attract attention to the fringe instead of the face. If you have a more voluminous hair, straight hair to bet on the effect high For those who have longer hair, it is best to bet on shredded. It is a perfect fit for those who want to sharpen the face, especially for those women who have hair too bulky. Remember not to overlook the shredded, and one must be careful to get it from the nose, because otherwise, the tendency is to leave the hair more voluminous than they already are medium length with tips and more disconnected with the sides frayed, functioning well as another option for those who want to sharpen the face. This kind of cutting helps to elongate the neck and cheeks, which are those that have a more rounded. This type of cut should always be smooth and the effect, if possible, draw on the diagonal fringe. Forget the curls, they just will add volume and left his face that looks fuller and more rounded.

The haircut is one of the first steps to achieve a different look, but it is very important before you make any decision to see if the chosen model fits the profile of your face, if you have questions ask the hairdresser if tips that help further enhance more to face

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